Tips & Tricks

There are so many things to do, that sometimes you need a shortcut or just a reminder. Below are some helpful tips and/or videos.

Building the Milk Check

1. Get Cows pregnant

Cow that have longer days in milk simply do not milk as much. For each day a cow is open after optimal time (over 150 days) she loses between $2-7 per day. (Un. of IL)

2. Get Heifers milking

Heifers should start their lactation at 23-24 months. For every day beyond those dates costs $2.00 per day on heifers that aren’t paying you back.

3. Lower SCC

For each linear score drop in SCC, (about 50,000),  mik will elevate 2-2 1/2 pounds. (NC Univ.)

4. Improve feed efficiency

The herd should be producing 1 1/2 pounds of 3.5% energy corrected milk per pound of dry matter. Improving your herd from a tenth of feed efficiency equals about 42 cents per cow per day. (Un of IL)

5. Get timely hoof trimming done.

A lame cow can cost upwards of $122 per animal. Regular trimming can reduce the severity of problems and prevent culling. 


Video Clips